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Based in Doncaster, we offer a professional quality finish and exceptional customer service 

15 years experience

Welcome to Hancock & Co Elite Decorators


Dedicated to the very highest levels of detail and finish, you can safely choose Hancock and Co for your next project with absolute confidence. We have an eye for detail, a flair for design and provide a reliable, professional service which you can depend on.

“We’re passionate and obsessed about detail”

The difference with Hancock & Co comes down to the finish we produce and the service we provide. So often we see inferior work or our clients tell us of a bad experience. At Hancock and Co, we’re different. We’re experienced, reliable and dependable with a loyal client base who use us again and again. We’re passionate and we genuinely care. I’m extremely proud of the quality of the work that we deliver, and no matter what the project you can be sure we will do the job right.

Matthew Hancock


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Services we Offer

Detailed Decorating

We pride ourselves on the quality of our decorating. We’ve delivered amazing work on London manor houses, Yorkshire barn conversions…you name it we have done it

Specialist Paint Finishes

We work with all types of paint and can advise on different options to suit our clients circumstances

French Polishing

We repair, restore or create beautiful gloss finishes on wood to properly showcase the wood, and its natural qualities

Design Consultation

We can provide design consultations, discussing colours, styles and working through samples to ensure our clients are happy

Perfect Preparation

Preparation is absolutely key to ensure we have the best surface to work on, and subsequently deliver a professional finish

Specialist Wall Coverings

Many of our Clients have chosen us because of our fantastic results hanging large, complex wall coverings including handmade papers and vinyl


What our Clients say

“A superb job”


As an interior designer by trade, and a perfectionist by nature, painting and decorating is something that most of my friends and family have learned to leave with me for fear of not reaching my extremely high standards. The reality of a busy life, however, means that I can no longer find the time to do this job properly and was in desperate need of the whole ground floor redecorating.

I called on Hancock and Co and I was immediately impressed by their desire to offer ideas about colour and layout and then again by their reliability and punctuality. Their attention to detail was faultless and they spent the whole day preparing each room in order that we would have the perfect finish. Indeed we did and since then, so many people have commented, not only on the look of the place but also on the clean crisp lines. ‘it looks like you’ve had a professional in’ is just one of them.

Matt’s expertise in particular and commitment to doing a top quality job is impressive and one of the reasons why I wont ever contemplate lifting a paintbrush myself again. He doesn’t leave until the job he intended to do that day is done, no matter what, and he leaves the place spotlessly clean and tidy. His joyfulness and wit for the whole of the time he was with us, is another. He has become part of the family and I hope will be a regular visitor. Hancock and Co will certainly be called back to do the rest of the house and I could not recommend them more highly to anyone wanting a superb decorating job. Their talent and skill is second to none.